Air Liquide revolutionizes welding experience with a breakthrough innovation

Paris, France, September 19, 2019

Air Liquide announces the launch of Qlixbi, a breakthrough packaged gas offer including a new generation of gas cylinder and a suite of digital solutions designed to revolutionize the customer experience in welding. Developed in collaboration with more than 700 welding customers, this innovation will improve the way they use and manage gases in their daily operations.

Qlixbi will turn the act of welding into a user-friendly experience by making it easier, faster and safer, thanks to a mix of mechanical and digital innovations. These will provide welders and welding shops with insights to help optimize their operations and increase efficiency. The main advantages of Qlixbi include:

  • Simplicity and speed (Click & Weld) with a revolutionary connector that clicks the welding station to the gas cylinder three times faster, without additional tools, as well as safer and easier maneuvering with a new ergonomic wheel;
  • Supply continuity thanks to a reserve indicator on the cylinder combined with an IoT system that shows remotely when it is low in gas and replenishes stock automatically as per each user pattern;
  • A digital application which allows job files and status sharing as well as information tracing, supporting better collaboration within welding shops.

Qlixbi was developed through a design thinking approach involving Air Liquide’s Research and Development teams from its Paris Innovation Campus, as well as Air Liquide Industrial Merchant operations and customers.

Guy Salzgeber,日日夜夜撸 Executive Vice President and member of the Air Liquide Group Executive Committee supervising Industrial Merchant World Business Line and Innovation commented:

日日夜夜撸“Our new welding offer, Qlixbi disrupts a more than a hundred years old business. It has been developed with more than 700 customers. This showcases Air?Liquide’s customer-centric transformation strategy, which leverages innovation and digital to deliver profitable growth and create value for the customers in the long term.”

Air Liquide’s Industrial Merchant Business Line delivers industrial gases and innovative solutions, including application technologies, equipment and services. From independent professionals to large industrial companies, our 35 000 employees serve over 2 million customers daily across 75 countries. In 2018, revenues were € 9,181 million.

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